Aug 31, 2010

Last of Toronto

Today is the last day in Toronto. I've been here 4 months. I could have a lot of experience and fun. Also I enjoyed English talking a lot. Because many friends are in here. Thank you for Toronto and my fiends. Next, I am going to Calgary. My journey will go on. Hope my friends also will be happy.


Aug 25, 2010

Morning in Toronto

This is the scene that I saw every morning nowadays. I leave home a bit early, before to go to school, take a rest and listen to the music or read the newspaper with this scene . I still busy everyday. But I'm okay. Go ahead.



Aug 4, 2010

Back to Toronto

I already got back to Toronto on last weekend. It was nice trip. There, multicultural city in America is so powerful and active and interesting. I could have many good photos. I'm going to write some diary gradually.

This photo was taken from Blooklyn Bridge that is one of the poplar sightseeing spot in NY. It's connected to south of Manhattan. South of Manhattan is famous for Wall Street. We can pass this bridge by walking. But I passed by rental bicycle. This bridge is so long, then passing by walking will be taken long time.


この写真は人気の観光スポットの一つのブルックリンブリッジから。この橋はWall Streetで有名なマンハッタンの南側に繋がってます。歩いて渡れます。でもレンタル自転車で渡りました。とても長い橋なので、歩いて渡るとだいぶ時間かかるかも(ここらへんの英語微妙w 日本語も大したことないけど)