May 31, 2011

Get back to San Francisco

After camping five nights in Yosemite, I got back to San Francisco. Staying here two more nights, enjoying a little slow time here, and I'm leaving US to Japan on Thuesday, finally. A little sad, maybe.



May 27, 2011

Sierra Nevada

I've driven such a long way for this ten days, through a few states which has totally different world from Japan. And finally, I'm staying in a forest in the Sierra Nevada! Camping here a few more days for great hiking. Mist which comes from the big fall even falls in the forest. This is beautiful.



May 16, 2011

San Francisco, CA

Staying beautiful city for 5days. I'm leaveing here tomorrow morning for the final trip in the North America which I've stayed for over one year.



May 14, 2011


take a time, have a nice trip


May 11, 2011

Seattle, WA

Big city! And so many Starbucks... But Starbuck in the US is nice. It's not expensive, compare to Canada or Japan. Tall Cofee in Seattle is around 1.5 doller. But in Japan, it's around 340yen=4.25doller. So, it's more than TWICE expensive than the US!! Hah..

Also, a big surprise is a public library. So modern and huge.

もうね、 (That's)
  。 。
 / / ポーン!
( Д )

こんな感じ (Like this!)

You can see more photos on this site.


May 10, 2011

Portland, Oregon - 2

A beautiful city in a rainy day, it's definitely beautiful in a sunny day. Portland, Oregon.


May 7, 2011

Portland, Oregon

Around noon in a sunny day, people are walking, running, ridding a bicycle, or sleeping on the grasses, on the river side. The reason why I feel well for this city is that they has what they need, and dosen't have what they don't need. Just enough. A beautiful city, surrounded by river and lots of green, and beautiful girls... haha!



May 4, 2011

Get back to Anchorage

This is a almost last moment in Alaska!

Getting back to Anchorage from Valdez. This was scenic as well... Sunny days in here is ten times better than cloudy days. Actually I think it'a a good city. Here has a long daytime in summer, then people have a good time evening, after working, after studying. I've seen some good scene, like many children playing in the park with there parents, many people playing sports with there friends, or riding a motorcycle with friends, and so on.

Staying here couple of days for resting and making the next plan. Finally, it was a nice month, but I'm leaving here tonight. It takes a few hours to the next state!

How was the night sky?

I've had really bad luck about northern lights in this trip! Even here has a dark night time. I've tried to see northern rights couple of nights, but I couldn't see any. Unfortunately northan lighets activity was too weak at this time. But still I could see the stars. Yeah, all right...


Richardson highway to Valdez

A scenic highway again! From Fairbanks to Valdez. It's 400 miles of historical road as a time Gold rush, and now, we can see the pipe line. After long drive, but sadly there was rain weather in beautiful harbor town Valdez.


May 2, 2011


City? or town? Not too big, not too small, and not too cold anymore in end of April. Close to Denali, close to Yukon river. I was wondering there could be beautiful and good place for somebody who really like nature and playing in there.


May 1, 2011


Staying two days. Fortunately, some of good hiking under the blue sky. Hiking not on a trail. Wherever we could walk, then just get the peak. Field is so huge. I'd like to be here again in summer and winter someday.