Sep 24, 2011

Mt Goryu via Mt. Karamatsu from Happo、 八方から唐松岳経由で五竜岳

Long way going round. Walking more than twelve hours is kind of stupid idea, but sometimes it could be amazing. The thing is depend on just if you want to try. Sep 23, 2011.


Sep 21, 2011

end of sep 2011 in Hakuba

Typhoon is hitting to Japan. It's been raining heavily these two or three days, and it's cold. Nothing to do here, and I'm missing sunny days a lot. This is a scenery of a small village around Hakuba which is called Aoni, and is protected as a historical place by government. It's pretty Japanese, then is beautiful. We had known long time, but someone who lives in the city might has forgot.


Sep 15, 2011

Karamatsudake, 唐松岳, Sep 24 2011

Here's getting fall, then weather's getting nice as well. This is my first hiking at Hakuba area in this summer. Very impressive. How nice that here's going to get bunch of snow a few months later..

Sep 10, 2011

epic morning

How many times can you see a epic sunrise in your life, just you're sleeping in your sleeping bag directly on the beach without a tent or something like that.