Jun 23, 2010

For Toronto - Final day (Day5)

Until noon, we enjoyed a little hiking at Banff. There were quiet river and beautiful forest. But, to tell the truth, I wanted to take a more longer and majestic hiking. But we couldn't, because we don't had enough time. I expect to the next time!!

After that, we left Banff and went to Calgary. It was just one hour driving from Banff to Calgary. But, There are no mountain around Calgary. Calgary is a big city looks like other cities in Canada. And there is near from Canadian Rockies. Thats's nice!! I'm really interested in there.

At evening, I left Calgary by airplane and I arrived at Toronto at midnight. Then, my short trip was finished. I was little bit tired, but I was very satisfied. I can really recommend Canadian Rockies!



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  2. Hi 89! How are you? Are you already enjoying surfboard? I'll send you email later. So, what do you wanna ask!?