Sep 17, 2010

To Banff by bicycle

The small starting of this trip was that just I bought a cheep used bicycle for daily use. But suddenly I thought that I didn't have a plan on weekend and I could go to Mountain, I could go to Banff, by bicycle. From Calgary to Banff, it's about 130km. I did this plun on last weekend. On Saturday from Calgary to Banff. On Sunday coming back from there. First, I feel so good and thought how nice road it was, how nice trip it was. But unfortunatelly the way to there was little bit long, more than I thought. Long too much. Bicycle is too heavy because my bicycle was cheep used MTB. I need to go forward against strong wind from Rocky. My knee and uncle had gotton pain. And my ass was also! But, however, I was satisfied with this trip, because I could meet many good scenery. This was big preasure on this trip.

この旅の小さな始まりは、ただ通学のために中古の自転車を買ったこと。でも週末に予定がないってことに気づいたのと同時に、この自転車でバンフに行けるじゃないか!って考えたのさ。カルガリーからバンフまではおよそ130km. 先週末、実行しまきました。土曜にカルガリーからバンフへ。日曜にバンフからカルガリーへ。最初はいい調子で、なんていい道でなんていい旅なんだ!なんて考えていたのだけど、バンフまでの道のりは思っていた以上に長かったようです。長すぎました。中古で買ったMTBが重いこと重いこと。そしてロッキーからの向かい風に向かって走る必要もあったし、膝も痛めば足首も痛めば、お尻も痛む始末。でも満足いく旅でした。いい景色に沢山出会えたことだしね。

After shower

On the trans Canada highway

In the bicycle shop

The country scene in fall

Mt Yumnuska

Sunset to Mt Rundle


The view from Banff in the morning

On the highway!!

Long long way

Back to Calgary!!


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