Feb 4, 2011

Twin Carins

Twin Carins, hiking up 1hour from Sunshine Village, Feb 2 2011. There is almost flat area, thus just a few or 10 seconds riding in the steep slope. But I was excited when I was riding among the rocks. It's one of the difference from Japan, not so many rocks in Japan, or too many rocks in the Rocky. Thanks Petr and Emi that day.

Twin Carins. サンシャインビレッジから歩いて1時間。ほとんど平らなエリアなため、急斜面を滑れるのは、ほんの数秒から10秒くらい。でも岩の間を滑ったときは楽しかったな。ちょっとカナダっぽい感じ。日本には岩はほとんどないけど、カナダは岩多すぎ(笑)


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