May 4, 2011

Get back to Anchorage

This is a almost last moment in Alaska!

Getting back to Anchorage from Valdez. This was scenic as well... Sunny days in here is ten times better than cloudy days. Actually I think it'a a good city. Here has a long daytime in summer, then people have a good time evening, after working, after studying. I've seen some good scene, like many children playing in the park with there parents, many people playing sports with there friends, or riding a motorcycle with friends, and so on.

Staying here couple of days for resting and making the next plan. Finally, it was a nice month, but I'm leaving here tonight. It takes a few hours to the next state!


  1. Are you now in Alaska!? How are you doing there and how's the latest weather and temperature?? still bloody cold??haha

  2. No, I already got out! April in Alaska is not extremely cold anymore. Of course, depend on weather or elevation. But spring sunshine is really warm. But even though its not so cold, I couldn't understand some local guys wear just T shirt!